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Due to the high value, our company can not provide the free sample. Our company has set up perfect international business platform. We regularly participate in all kinds of important exhibitions in China or foreign countries. Also, we warmly welcome our customers to visit our company and take a test drive.

We can provide the wearing parts that worth 1 percent of the contract value. Our company will strictly track and manage the production delivery and the quality control, in order to ensure the lead time and the project execution.

Moreover, our company has established a first class customer service hotline to provide our customers with the 24 hour fast service. Thanks to the CRM customer management system, we can realize the immediate processing of the market information, as well as the quick response to the requirements of both distributors and customers. Through the return visit, our after-sales services team initiatively understands and satisfies our customers. In this way, we can improve our relationship and help our customers solve any problem.

Our after-sales services include product maintenance, product replacement, technology consulting, technical training, accessory supply, emergency rescue and the customer care. We can offer the accessory table, the product maintenance manual, as well as the operating instructions in both print and electronic editions. Furthermore, our company provides the 24 hour technical support. We warmly welcome our customers to dial +86-531-88892082. In order to provide better service, our company requires the franchised dealers to accept the training. In accordance with the customer demand, our staffs can offer the training on site to our customers. If necessary, our dealers can help customers solve any problem or consult our engineers. The local dealers of our company might as well provide our customers with the automobile maintenance guidance, who need to periodically maintain our product so as to ensure its optimum performance. Our company can deliver the wearing parts and other necessary spare parts to our customers, in order to guarantee the convenient and fast product maintenance. Also, the cheapest accessories can be available to our customers.

In addition, we can produce the tailored product to satisfy our customers. We can always discuss with our customers when we design their required product. For instance, the left hand drive can be changed to the right hand drive. Also, we can adopt the specified charging line, or install the navigating instrument etc. The OEM cooperative model can be available in our company.

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