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Q: Where can I buy one today?
A: You can go to http://www.baoya-ev.com/ or call our international sales hotline, +86-531-88892082 or +86-531-88892778, to make an inquiry. You can also visit http://baoya-ev.manufacturer.globalsources.com/.

Q: What is the driving range per charge?
A: The range per charge will vary with the driving speed and terrain. The estimated range of Baoya electric cars is 160km.

Q: How fast will it run?
A: The max speed of Baoya electric cars is 100km/h.

Q: How quickly will it charge?
A: Baoya vehicles can recharge to 80% capacity in only 40 minutes. Total charging time is 4 to 8 hours by adoption of the most standard 110V, 220V electrical outlets.

Q: How long will the batteries last?
A: Battery life is dependent on many factors, including driving habits, percentage of discharge per cycle, and temperature extremes. In general, the batteries should last 4 to 6 years.

Q: Can I drive it on the interstate highway?
A: No. Baoya vehicles are intended for urban and city driving. It's designed for maximum energy efficiency, not high performance or high speed.

Q: What about maintenance?
A: Electric cars are remarkably low maintenance vehicles. Gasoline burning engines have thousands of moving parts, which all need to be serviced regularly. The electric motor has basically one moving part. There are no filters, no radiator or cooling system, no fuel system, no exhaust etc.

Q: What is an electric car like?
A: It is just like driving a gas car, but with a battery. It has all the amenities of a gas car, but with lower maintenance and less noise

Q: Are there enough charging stations?
A: They are being added in US and Europe.

Q: Are the electric cars slower than gas cars?
A: No. They are quicker.

Q: Can I charge my electric car at home?
A: Yes. You can utilize the standard 110V or 220V battery.

Q: Are electric cars loud?
A: No. They are quieter than gas cars

Q: Are electric cars safe?
A: Yes. They are equipped with seatbelts and airbags. Also, they have been approved by the US Department of Transportation

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