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Model: BY-EB05

E-bicycle comes with a 36V lithium battery, which possesses a range of up to 110km and the highest speed of 30km/h.

Main Technical Parameters

Frame 20" Al Alloy
Motor Power 250W
Battery 36V 10Ah lithium
Max. Speed 30km/h
Range 70-110km
Recharging time 4-6h
Input 110V-220V 50Hz-60Hz
Brake V-Brake(F/R)
Derailleur Shimano6-speed gear
Tire 20 x 1.75
Max. Load ≥ 80kg
Weight 25kg
Dimension 1580×570×1070mm
Container capacity 100units/20GP

Baoya is a China-based E-bicycle manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as electric motorcycle, battery powered bicycle, 4 seater electric car, and smart E-car.

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  • E-bikeE-bike can offer a range of at most 45km and the highest speed of 28km/h under the support of a 36V lithium battery.
  • Battery Powered BicycleBattery powered bicycle is equipped with a 36V lithium battery. Its highest speed reaches 28km/h and its range is up to 45km.