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Model: BY-EM05

E-scooter is well received by young and old alike, which mainly features fashionable appearance, elegant design, easy control, no noise, no maintenance, energy saving, comfortable ride and high performance to price ratio. It is practical enough to carry single or two persons. In use of the portable charger, customers can feel extremely convenient to charge anywhere.

E-scooter can be classified as 3kW type and 5kW type. The former type product is equipped with a 60V lithium battery, which can provide the highest speed of 60km/h and the range of 60km. The latter type product can offer a top speed of up to 90km/h and a range of 60km by adoption of a 72V lithium battery.


Dimension(L x W x H) 2100 x 700 x 1200mm 2100 x 700 x 1200mm
Braking System Disk/Disk Disk/Disk
Wheelbase 1400mm 1400mm
Rim Type Aluminum Aluminum
Max. Speed 60km/h 90km/h
Economic Speed 50km/h 70km/h
Wheel Type 130/60-13" 130/60-13"
Range per charge(flat ground) ≥ 60km ≥ 60km
Max Climbing Capability ≥ 18% ≥ 18%
Motor 3000W brushless 5000W brushless
Battery 60V/40Ah Lithium battery 72V/60Ah Lithium battery
Recharging time 6-12h 6-12h
Loading Weight 100kg 100kg
N.W/G.W 175/210kg 135/170kg
Certificate No. E11×2002/24×1140×00 E11×2002/24×1141×00
Q'TY/40' HQ 38 38

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