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Electric car is a purely electric passenger vehicle, which is suitable for short distance driving. It has achieved the independent intellectual property rights, as well as EEC, DOT and other international certificates. In addition, our product has passed the continuous shock test. In terms of the front impact, this product can reach European ECE R-12 standard. For rear impact, it can meet American FMVSS301 R-16 standard.

This electric car is equipped with the plumbic acid battery, the brushless motor and the PFC battery charger. The battery features safety, reliability, high performance, no pollution, free maintenance, and ultra long lifespan with up to 800 continuous charging times, or 4 to 6 years for use. The motor is characterized by low interference, low noise, smooth operation, long service life and low maintenance cost. The battery charger possesses durability, waterproof property, small volume, convenient installation, high conversion efficiency, stable output current, high reliability and so on. It can provide various types of functions, such as reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, over voltage protection and overheat protection. Moreover, this electric car also comes with numerous security configurations, including anti lock brake system, air bag restraint system, remote control central locking, electric windows, power assisted brake or steering, rearview mirror electric control, and high speed automatic lock. We can give a two years or 30,000 kilometers guarantee on this product.

Baoya is a professional electric car manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers 4 seater electric car, electric truck, E-scooter, E-bike, and battery powered bicycle, among others.

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