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Mini E-Car

Model: FB-EV01

Mini E-car can provide comfortable feeling, flexible operation, energy saving and environmental protection. Moreover, our product can offer higher security in comparison with the scooter. It comes with power steering, automatic transmission, drum brakes, lead acid gel battery pack, 48V DC motor etc. Our product can accommodate two persons in tandem, which is especially suitable for getting around town. Its range can reach 60km and its speed is 40km/h.

Basic Parameter

Person Quantity 2
Dimension (L x W x H) 2295 x 1330 x 1720 mm
Wheelbase 1595 mm
Tread front/rear 1030/1050 mm
Curb Weight 550kg
Payload 200kg
Front/Rear axle 265/471 kg

Electric Motor Parameters

Type DC motor
Power 3.1KW
Rate Voltage 48V
Rated Current 100A
Rated Torque 8.28Nm
Rated speed 3600 r/min
Battery Type Lead-acid gel
Battery Life 500 times

Traffic Ability Parameters

Approach /Departure Angle 34 ° /60 °
Overhang F/R 3600/340mm
Min Ground Clearance 130mm (Full loaded)
Min Turning Diameter 5.6m
Distance per Charge 60 km
Max Speed 40 km
Max Climbing Angle 10 °
Tire 145/70R12
40HQ Capacity 8 units

As a professional mini E-car manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide electric minivan, electric motorcycle, E-scooter, electric bicycle, and 2 seater electric car, among others.

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